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JLS. happily married. proud cat mom. vegan straight edge. horror film aficionado. follower of Jesus. tea drinker. novice cook and baker. avid anglophile. heavy music listener. tattoo collector. #1 type o negative fan. fashion obsessed. black cat lover. into the 1880s and 1980s.
my dream is to meet tardar sauce aka grumpy cat.

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Happy birthday Martin Gore!!

Happy birthday Martin Gore!!


Im hilarious. #gothcatmomproblems?

I feel you.


Im hilarious. #gothcatmomproblems?

I feel you.

I’m excited that deathwish fest is a thing because it’s been my favorite label for over a decade but I kinda wish I was just seeing oathbreaker and it wasn’t going to be some sold out, super social event thing.



We had the opportunity of meeting Greg Rivera today at Agenda NYC and sat down to discuss what we can expect from the Brooklyn based brand and what horror movies are his favorites. 

“We have started to release something new every month now, being that the internet makes everything quicker. When kids see things online or a site posts something new, in a matter of time all of that won’t be cool anymore. So we aim to keep things fresh and move as quickly as possible through streetwear. “

"All of what we have here, or most of it, will be used for our Spring 15 collection. There’s a lot more sublimation involved but we also have new, distinct pieces. Trying something new.”

Top 5 Horror Films

  • Dawn of the Dead
  • Basket Case
  • Forrest Trap
  • Psycho
  • Deadly Swan

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